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Accelerating Aid to Those Most in Need

Aidmatrix is currently working with the State of Oklahoma Emergency Services and the State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and our other nonprofit partners in the area from Food Banks to Pet Shelters as assessments are being made and needs begin to emerge from the top-of-the-scale EF-5 tornado, with winds over 200 mph, that hit Moore, OK on May 20, 2013.During these times, coordination of relief efforts is critical so that the right aid is delivered where it is needed most.

Community Support & Donations

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Free Widget Displays Needs from the Relief Community in Moore, Oklahoma

Get the Free NeedsFeed™ widget and place it on your website to help members of your community to see and match needs being posted by the relief organizations active in the Moore tornado response.  Whether you belong to an association, congregation, fraternity/sorority, PTA or club -- you can now connect directly with those who are caring for the displaced families and their pets in Moore. Relief organizations are posting their needs as they continue to make their assessments. Be part of the solution and help match their needs. To see a live example of the NeedsFeed, look at the bottom of this page.

Copy and paste this code into your website to embed the NeedsFeed widget:

<iframe src="<a href=" frameborder="0" width="945" height="1000"></iframe>


Relief Organizations: Register Here for Free Listing on Moore Disaster Needs

Aidmatrix is proud to offer its AidmatrixNetwork to serve the disaster response efforts in Moore, Oklahoma, following the recent F5 tornado. All registered nonprofits active in the Moore disaster response are invited to post and share their needs on this nationwide system that matches them with the donor community.

Join our free network of food banks, pet shelters, child advocacy and disaster services nonprofits in reaching donors directly. Our robust donor community brings together corporations and individuals who are passionate about helping during disasters. Needs are displayed to millions of donors daily on websites and mobile apps like Microsoft’s Helpbridge. Free and discounted shipping / logistics services are also available and you can enter needs for those donated services to get that valuable donation from the donor to your doorstep.

Click here to register 


Message from the Oklahoma VOAD

We have had a very difficult couple of days with some very devastating tornados hitting several communities in Oklahoma.  As I write this we are still experiencing tornados on the ground in Oklahoma.  We know you all are seeing and hearing about the devastation and want to assist as soon as possible, but right now we want to ask you to do the following things to make our collaborative effort as effective as possible for our neighbors in need:

  1. Please join us in allowing the first responders to do the work they need to do.  It will take time to assess the complete amount of damage our fellow Oklahomans have suffered and comprise a list of how our VOAD organizations can help to meet their needs. 
  2. In the meantime, begin to take inventory of all available goods, services, and resources of your organization.  Also, please take inventory of your organizations personnel and volunteers with their skill sets and availability.
  3. At this time, PLEASE ask your organizations to make financial donations only until when and if other types of donations are requested.  We all KNOW not heeding this request can lead to the second disaster after the disaster.


Many unsolicited volunteers are showing up at the Incident Command Center in Moore!!   PLEASE  instruct all volunteers associated with your organization or other individual volunteers or groups you may come in contact with to NOT self-deploy. Best practices include a collaborative response, so people are directed WHEN NEEDED and WHERE NEEDED so their help and skills are most needed and will be most effective.  

Thank You,

Rev. Richard W. Norman


Oklahoma Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Latest News & Information

In-Kind Donations: 2 Ways to Donate

1. Match a Posted Need: Review the posted Needs below and try to match an existing Need. You can filter the list by selecting a Category or other criteria listed below. Click the "Details" link to get all the specifics of the Need. Once you find a match, simply click the "Donate" button below the entry and complete the form.

2. Make a Non-Matching, General Offer: If you do not find a posted Need that matches your goods or services, click here to make a general offer. Submit all the specific details of your offer and we will work to confirm the need with the NGO and place it with them.

In either case, you will be emailed by the Aidmatrix Network and then contacted directly by the NGO if and when your offer is accepted.

*This website communicates donation offers directly to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working on humanitarian relief efforts. The NGOs post their specific needs on this website.

To view the full list of needs, click here